About us

Metz-Neun Synchron was founded in 1988 by Ingrid Metz and is now the leading dubbing studio in the Rhein-Main region, with over 300 projects a year. Since 1994 Media, Sound & Pictures, located in the same building, has expanded the portfolio to include all areas of video postproduction, if required.


Four air-conditioned control rooms, four recording rooms and a small cinema are available for you. We dub feature films, tv series, VOD, Blu-ray or DVD productions, as well as documentaries.

Our clients enjoy a comprehensive range of services: dub and ADR, IT completion, IT QC, editing of dialogue and sound, as well as layback of all formats (incl. Dolby E) to HDCAM SR, HDCAM, HDD5 or DVCProHD. We also offer title editing, title animation and encoding into all common video formats.


All studios are equipped and connected with the latest recording and security standards: own servers, VPN, fiber and broadband connection, Fiber Channel NAS and BackUp systems of all important components, as well as current Avid ProToolsHD systems.

Recordings in Berlin can be performed directly via SOURCE Connect with our proven partner Oxygen Sound Studios. Remote recordings in any other citys are also possible - just get in touch with us!


Are you a dubbing artist? Then send us your vita.

What we expect:

Acting/voiceover training or many years of professional acting/voiceover experience, accent- and dialect-free German. Or you are a native speaker.

Sounds good? Then send your application by email to Please understand that a response is sometimes not possible immediately due to production reasons.


Gunnar Ohlenschläger
Gunnar Ohlenschläger
Iris Tessun
Iris Tessun
Marius Bohnhardt
Marius Bohnhardt
Audio Postproduction
Marc Müller
Marc Müller
Audio Postproduction
Sascha Amic
Sascha Amic
Audio Postproduction
Lisa Weiser
Lisa Weiser
Video & Audio Postproduction
Lea Jurcevic
Lea Jurcevic
Project Management
Anju Karakas
Anju Karakas
Audio Postproduction


Hard Kill
Kings of Hollywood
Blizzard of Souls - Zwischen den Fronten
Trauma Center
Survive the Night
Code AVA
Soulfood - Familie geht durch den Magen
Bataillon der Verdammten - Die Schlacht um Jangsari
Endless - Nachricht von Chris
368 Tage Gefangener das IS
First Love
Cats - Ein schnurriges Abenteuer
White Snake - Die Legende der weissen Schlange
Feedback - Sende oder Stirb
Angel of Mine
Doctor Who - Logopolis
Werewolves Within
We Have Always Lived in the Castle
Doctor Who - The Keeper of Traken
Der unverhoffte Charme des Geldes
Ein Mops zum Verlieben
Tel Aviv on Fire
Doctor Who - The War Games
North Hollywood
All The Devils Men
A Writer's odyssey
Measure of a Man - Ein fetter Sommer
mid 90s
The Little Hours - Stoßgebete und andere Todsünden
Career Day mit Hindernissen
Summer of 84
Bad Samaritan - Im Visier des Killers
Die Morde von Madrid
Fannys Reise
Beyond Reality - Das Casino der Magier
See for me
Basmati Blues - Liebe im Reisfeld
Mathilde - Liebe ändert alles
Leatherface - The Source of Evil
Houndsof of Love
28 Soldiers - Die Panzerschlacht
Black Butterfly - Der Mörder in mir
The Belko Experiment
Female Fight Club
Any Day
Maria Montessori - Ein Leben für die Kinder
Die Abenteuer des kleinen Schuhmachers Lapitch
Code 37
the Paperboy


We will be happy to answer your questions by phone, e-mail, or in person while enjoying a delicious coffee with us at Lilistraße.


Metz-Neun Synchron
Studio und Verlags GmbH

Lilistr. 40

63067 Offenbach am Main

Hessen, Deutschland


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